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The Next Generation of TOTAL DMS! AUTOMATRIX is the ONLY Total Dealer Management Software, We have taken the dealer management solution and turned it on it’s head by offering one of the only TOTAL solutions, offering everything a dealer needs to operate their business. At Automatrix Managing Business Flow is Our businsess.
Dynamic Reporting! Reports are the physical embodiment of the saying “hindsight is 20/20”. Why? Because they represent a crystal clear view into what has gone on in the past, what is going on now, and what will be going on in the future at your Dealership. AutoMatrix Dynamic Reporting will be your guide to learning, improving, and the optimizing of your Business.
Website! Much like the vehicles you sell, not all Dealerships are built the same. With this is in mind, we’ve developed different websites to better match Dealerships with varying needs. State of the art design combined with features such as Real-Time Inventory updates, vehicle videos, and secure credit apps mean you can stop thinking of what your website should be, and enjoy what it can be.


This is the most comprehensive inventory manager in the industry! With a full featured vin decoder all the information is directly populated live in to the Vehicle information on your site!

 Executed in a very streamlined fashion, AutoMatrix CRM is your home for tracking all customer interactions, but in a much simpler and more efficient way than ever before.

State of the art and purpose built to help you find the right payment and vehicle for your customer, the Dashboard will help you stay informed of your store’s activity by placing essential reports of your choice right at your fingertips.

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